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Exit & Emergency Lighting Service & Sales

Exit and Emergency Lighting provides clear means of egress during a power outage or emergency when your regular power supply is interrupted. Maintaining these Emergency Lights in a commercial building is crucial in ensuring your employee’s safety and must be performed according to local, state, and federal law. Regular maintenance is required by NFPA Standard No. 101, chapter 31, section 1.3.7. This is essential code inspection information. Our Licensed Technicians at IGH will perform the required testing and maintenance on emergency lights and provide you with the written records. A full discharge of each unit must be completed annually.

During the Emergency Lighting Inspection and Maintenance process, our Licensed Technician will:

  • Inspect the units for proper installation and secure mounting
  • Verify correct location and quantity of lights for the building occupancy
  • Perform load tests on batteries with an electronic load simulator
  • Verify proper charging voltage of the unit
  • Inspect bulbs for proper operation and illumination
  • 90 minute discharge test per the NFPA in place using the built-in test switch that simulates a power outage
  • If issues arise during your inspection, the Licensed Technician at IGH Health, Fire, & Safety can provide affordable and reliable repairs.

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