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Fire Extinguisher Inspections, Maintenance, & Recharging

Portable Fire Extinguisher Inspections and Maintenance

Convenient On-Site Inspections, Maintenance, and Recharging Services to keep your equipment up to code and ready to use during an emergency.

Monthly Inspections

The NFPA and the Texas Department of Insurance – State Fire Marshal’s Office require monthly inspection of your extinguisher. During this monthly check, an IGH Licensed Technician will visually inspect the unit, including all mechanical parts and mounting hardware, inspect the area where the fire extinguisher is located, clean the unit, and provide the required documentation of the inspection.

Annual Maintenance & Inspection

All portable fire extinguishers must have an Annual Fire Extinguisher Inspection performed by a licensed inspector every year. This Inspection includes procedures detailed in the manufacturer’s service manual and a thorough examination of the essential elements of the fire extinguisher, including all mechanical parts, extinguishing agent, expelling means, and physical condition. This Inspection will also include a new tamper seal, fire marshal tags, and an Electronic report sent to the fire extinguisher’s owner. An internal examination can also be required as part of your maintenance.

Internal Maintenance and Hydrostatic Testing

All Fire Extinguishers are subject to an in-depth internal examination and inspection, along with hydrostatic testing. These scheduled maintenance procedures are done every six years for your typical ABC Dry Powder extinguisher or for other types of extinguishers every five years. When this service is performed, your IGH Licensed Technician will provide you with a Loaner Fire Extinguisher at no cost while we complete these Maintenance procedures.

Fire Extinguisher Recharging

Most people think that once a fire extinguisher is discharged, they must buy a new one, but most of the time, that’s not the case. IGH offers low-cost recharging services that keep your current fire extinguisher in service, which saves you time and money!

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