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Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Required Fire Extinguisher Training

Per requirements outlined in AC 150/5230-4B, Aircraft Fuel Storage, Handling, Training, and Dispensing on Airports, employees governed by the FAA must complete “Hands-On” Portable Fire Extinguisher Training every two years. The intent of this training is to familiarize employees with the weight of different extinguishers, how it feels to discharge various live extinguishers, and how to effectively extinguish a fire depending on the type and size of fuel burning. While the FAA recommends using a Live Fire Training Prop, they understand it may not always be possible due to facility or insurance limitations, meaning they will accept recurrent training conducted with “realistic” training devices if necessary. No matter what training is performed, a Licensed Fire Extinguisher Technician or Certified Fire Instructor must conduct these hands-on trainings.

The FAA has minimum requirements outlined for Fire Protection Companies when conducting these trainings:
1.     “A Certificate for Hands on Extinguisher Training must be issued upon completion of the handheld fire extinguisher training.”
2.     Hands on Training should consist of:
a.     Purpose of Fire Extinguishers
b.     How to identify the classification of extinguishers used for flammable liquid fires.
c.     Nomenclature of the extinguisher
d.     How to Inspect components of the extinguishers for monthly serviceability records.
e.     Proper storage and removal of extinguishers from fueling vehicles.
f.      Demonstration of proper use of extinguishers using the PASS Method (Pull, Aim, Squeeze, Sweep)
g.     Demonstration by all participants that they can:
          i.     Select the appropriate size/class of extinguisher then safely carry and approach the fire to fully discharge the contents to extinguish the fire.
If you’re in need of Hands-On FAA Mandated Handheld Fire Extinguisher Training IGH Health, Fire, & Safety provides both Live Fire and Simulation based training for many organizations in North Texas. We utilize a propane-based fire pan or containment receptable, along with a large variety of ABC, BC, CO2, Water, and Class D Fire Extinguishers available for use by all participants to get a real understanding of discharging high pressured extinguishers into real fires or simulated fires.
Class times average between 1 – 2 Hours depending on class size, training type, and special circumstances. Pricing also varies depending on number of participants and training type. All Certifications are drafted prior to class and delivered upon completion. If you’re in need of Fire Extinguisher Training, related to FAA Mandates or not, feel free to reach us via email at info@ighsafety.com or by office phone at (817) 809-8677.
A man is using fire extinguishers during firefighter training exercises to simulate real-life fire situations
A tank for the jet-fuel. The fuel is JET A1. Fire extinguisher on a panel to the left. Covered sky.