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Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems, also known as Kitchen Suppression Systems or Hood Fire Suppression Systems, are wet chemical suppression systems designed to be placed within the ventilation hood that supply nozzles with non-hazardous suppression chemicals aimed directly at the cooking appliances which may catch fire. They use fusible links that will melt when temperatures ranging between 135 degrees Fahrenheit to 500 degrees Fahrenheit to trigger mechanical and pneumatic chain of events to the suppress the fire. These systems MUST be installed in all commercial kitchen such as restaurants, churches, movie theaters, schools, universities, hospitals, malls, and more. All Kitchen Suppression Systems in Texas must be inspected and maintained on a semi-annual (every six months) basis to ensure the system will work properly in an emergency. All systems include manual pull stations, fuel shutoffs (gas or electric), low voltage fire alarm connections, and must be combined with a Class K Fire Extinguisher per NFPA 96 and local authorities. In addition to semi-annual inspections of the actual suppression system, the hood and ventilations systems shall be cleaned and inspected on a semi-annual basis as well, no matter the frequency of use.

IGH Health, Fire, and Safety works on a wide variety of systems that include:

ANSUL R-102 Restaurant Fire Suppression System
‚ÄčANSUL PIRANHA Dual Agent Restaurant Fire Suppression System
Amerex KP MRM
Amerex KP PRM
Pyro-Chem Kitchen Knight ll
Kidde Fire Systems WHDR Wet Chemical Fire Suppression Kitchen System

If you are in Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington or surrounding cities in DFW Metroplex and have a kitchen system in need of inspection or maintenance give us a call at (817) 809-8677 or email us at info@ighsafety.com to learn more and to receive a free quote!”

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