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Monthly Fire Extinguisher Inspections for High-Risk Facilities

Monthly inspections of all Fire Extinguishers are required by state and federal law when in commercial businesses along with public gathering places. Many companies prefer to have a Fire Protection company inspect their Fire Extinguishers monthly to reduce risk and lower insurance costs. This inexpensive service can provide peace of mind and will ensure their equipment is in working order before an emergency happens. Regular inspections can help identify problems such as leaking units, low pressure, external/internal damage, broken gauges or hoses, and can help prevent theft or tampering of expensive equipment. Most facilities who choose to have their fire extinguishers inspected monthly by a Fire Protection company may be regulated to do so, or have high risks associated with daily operations. They may also choose to have monthly inspections if extinguishers are frequently being used or there are often a large number of people passing through such as hospitals, schools, and churches. Monthly inspections can range from $79 per visit, up to $500+ per visit depending on how many extinguishers they have, the size/weight of the units, and the size of site.

Fire extinguisher in the operating department

The process of Monthly Inspections includes:

1. Visual Inspection – A licensed service tech will do a visual inspection of the location in which an extinguisher is mounted to make sure it is easily visible and accessible for use. They will then perform an exterior inspection of the unit to check for cylinder, gauge, and handle damage.

2. Pressure Check – The technician will then verify the unit is pressurized correctly and has the right PSI Gauge intact.

3. Tamper Seal Check – Then, the technician will check the tamper seal to ensure that it is unbroken. If the seal is broken, it could indicate that the extinguisher has been used or tampered with and may fail to function properly.

4. Inspection Tag – They will then verify that the Fire Marshal Tag is intact, legible, and up to date on its annual inspection. If the extinguisher is missing its Inspection tag, your local Fire Inspector/Marshal will deem the extinguisher inoperable and not suitable for use.

5. Documentation – The technician then records the date of the inspection, any issues found, and any actions taken to resolve those issues, which can include repairing the extinguisher or swapping it out with a new or refurbished unit.

If your facility is need of Monthly and/or Annual Inspections IGH Health, Fire, & Safety has you covered. We aim to provide a convenient and inexpensive service without cutting corners. Our technicians are local Firefighters in the DFW Metroplex and would be happy to assist you with any needs.

For more information, please contact us at: info@ighsafety or (817) 809-8677

Fire extinguisher monthly check pressure gauge