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Same Clowns, Bigger Circus!

As most of our Clients and Customers know, IGH Health, Fire, & Safety wasn’t always our company name. IGH stands for In Good Hands, and more specifically, our original company name was In Good Hands BLS, LLC. While IGH is continuing to grow, expand services, and bring on new clients we still stand by our original name and what it stands for. Janet and I started this company with hopes to bring better service, equipment, education, and training to the real world through our perspectives as a Firefighter and Nurse. Our goal is to TRULY make sure our clients are “In Good Hands” and are always receiving top notch service from beginning to end. As you’ll see over the next few months we have some big things in-store for IGH and we plan to make our Client’s experience with us better than ever.

So what are we planning to do?

Firstly, we plan to extend our Fire Protection Services and add Kitchen Suppression Systems to the list of equipment we service, maintenance, sell, and install. Just like Fire Extinguishers, Fire Sprinkler Systems, Fire Alarms, etc. these Kitchen Suppression Systems play a huge role in keeping our Clients safe on a daily basis.

Next, we’re adding a service vehicle to our fleet. Our industrial and corporate clients require a lot of equipment and labor to perform our job, by adding a large service vehicle we are able to stock more equipment and parts, along with creating a mobile test site to perform all services on-site without ever leaving the location. We’ll now be able to provide AED’s, First Aid Equipment, CPR/First Aid/BLS/ACLS Training, Fire Extinguisher Training, and Fire Equipment sales, installs, service, and maintenance all out of single vehicles specifically designed to handle all Health, Fire, and Safety needs of any organization.

Lastly, IGH may start to look a little different than before. We’re currently interviewing firms to perform a complete Branding, Marketing, and Website overhaul. That means new logo, new look, better user experience, and better overall communication and service between us and our clients which is most important to us. So you’ll start seeing a lot more of us in the coming months.

Rest assured with all of these changes coming, Janet and I will still be the Owners and you can still count on Firefighters, Nurses, and Veterans wearing our Logo and showing up at your business to help out. In the Fire Service when someone would ask a seasoned Lieutenant or Captain how their day was going, you could almost count on their response being “Same Circus, Different Clowns” referring to their crew in an endearing way. I still like to use that saying every once in awhile, so this is what you can count on from IGH… “Same Clowns, Bigger Circus!”, yes I know it’s not the same saying, it’s close enough though.

As always, if you need anything we’ll be here.

Brent Bousquet, President
(817) 797-6348