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Straight from the Owners

IGH Health, Fire, & Safety is a locally owned and operated family business in Fort Worth, Texas that provides service to North Texas. IGH was founded by Brent Bousquet, a Firefighter/Advanced-EMT and Janet Edwards, a Registered Nurse, BSN. Originally, IGH Health, Fire, and Safety started out as In Good Hands BLS. Our goal was to provide real-life CPR, AED, and First Aid Training to Healthcare Providers and the Public. Over the years we had both witnessed Healthcare Providers and the Public perform very poorly in emergency situations, we had originally thought this was due to the individual themselves, but soon realized it was the instructors who taught these courses poorly, that were the ones at fault. So, Janet and I saw an immediate need to provide better instruction, real-life scenarios, and a positive learning environment to better prepare all who may perform CPR and First Aid, that’s when In Good Hands BLS was born.
With our personal savings, 8 sets of CPR Manikins, 2 First Aid Kits, and 2 TV’s we were off to the races. We started teaching Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS), Basic Life Support (BLS), and Public CPR, AED, and First Aid from American Heart Association curriculum out of a little church in Fort Worth on I-30. (Shoutout to Grace United Methodist, without their willingness to lend a hand we wouldn’t be here.) After 6 months of classes and tons of feedback, we realized we were on to something big, our community had a real need for these experienced and educational classes coming from REAL Medical Professionals with tons of first hand experience in the Hospital and Field. Our vision began to grow, why couldn’t we create a real business out of preparing the public and healthcare professionals like they deserve? We couldn’t find a reason not to. I left my job as a full-time Firefighter and Janet cut her hospital hours in half to pursue the dream of creating a company that our community deserves. A full-service safety company that provides:
  • CPR, AED, First Aid, BLS, and ACLS Training for New Certifications and Renewals.
  • Sales, Service, and Maintenance on Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs), First Aid Equipment, and Fire Equipment such as Fire Extinguishers, Kitchen Fire Systems, and eventually large fire systems.
  • Respiratory Fit Testing
  • Safety Consulting pertaining to all the above.

Right then and there (figuratively speaking), In Good Hands BLS became IGH Health, Fire, and Safety. Over the last year, we’ve moved into our own Training Facility, Shop, and Office at 7601 Flagstone St. Fort Worth, Texas 76118. Where we can train up to 24 Students at a time, hold meetings, build a workshop, and store our trusted products. We’ve added more Instructors and Fire Techs, all Firefighters and Veterans with tons of experience. Became Training Sites through American Heart Association, The Red Cross, and American Safety and Health Institute. All while creating partnerships with manufacturers to provide medical and fire equipment at low prices. Throughout all the growth (mostly growing pains), I’m proud to say that Janet and I’s Core Values and Beliefs haven’t changed one bit. We’re here to serve, protect, and educate our community in the form of high-quality classes, experienced and professional service, and trustworthy equipment all at fair prices. We’ll always make sure that our company and its services are accessible to all, regardless of income or culture. We’re not in the business of becoming millionaires, we’re in the business of helping people. It’s our passion, commitment, career, and promise to all our customers, clients, friends, and family. Without y’all (there’s that Texan Drawl), there is no us.

I hope you enjoyed reading the first of many blogposts that give you an insight to who we are as people, Firefighters, Nurses, business owners, and your neighbor. Like I tell everyone I come across, don’t ever hesitate to give me a call, text, or email. I’m always available, and I’m here for you.

Brent Bousquet – Co-Founder, President
(817) 797-6348